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  • Self-Storage Doors

    Built to meet the specific and unique demands of a small structure, utilities or self-storage facility.

  • Self-Storage Doors

    DBCI mini doors offer many standard features that make it the superior choice: a proprietary gear–driven tensioning bracket for safe and easy adjustments, a rust-resistant aluminum bottom bar to protect against the elements and a standard stainless steel latch. Supported with a reliable e-cote spring and finished with the WeatherXL™ coating system, DBCI mini doors are perfect for any self-storage facility or small building application.

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  • Self-Storage Door Features

    Bottom Bar

    Bottom bars add strength and security to roll-up doors and feature a clean, attractive finish that enhances their appearance. DBCI’s bottom bars are constructed of 6063 – T6 aluminum, which looks and wears well. Our vinyl weather seal is replaceable, which means that damage, wear and weather do not necessarily require replacement of the entire self-storage door.

    Tension Set Brackets

    Tension set brackets control how easily self-storage doors open when unlocked. Older self-storage doors lack tension adjusters and require a door technician to readjust the spring tension to keep the doors operating properly. DBCI’s tension set brackets make adjusting roll-up doors easier, safer and faster. Facility maintenance personnel can adjust the self-storage doors themselves in as little as five minutes, saving time and money.


    Latches keep the doors closed securely and the storage unit’s contents safe from harsh weather and intruders. DBCI’s stainless steel and Apex latches maintain their integrity and protect your assets year after year. Our latches are constructed with limited pry points, double padlock compatibility and the ability to operate with magnetic alarm systems.

  • Corrugated Drum 312x165

    New Corrugated Drum Design

    Our redesigned metal roll-up door features a corrugated drum, providing a smoother cycle operation, improved sound control and full-color coverage of the axle and barrel.

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  • Request an ADA Kit

    Keep your facilities compliant with the American with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) by ordering an ADA kit from DBCI.