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Self-Storage Doors

DBCI's self-storage doors and solutions are manufactured to meet the demands of the self-storage industry. DBCI's self-storage doors have a number of features to offer to our customers. Our doors are ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant. We have both roll-up and swing style models that are easy to install, use and maintain. DBCI uses e-coat springs and has two spring models available for our self-storage doors. Our doors are manufactured with an aluminum bottom bar so they will remain rust resistant* for many, many years. We also have various latch options included our stainless steel latch and the Apex latch. DBCI's self-storage doors also have electric motor capabilities.

New to DBCI's self-storage solutions are the Summit Series and Vineyard Series. Our Summit Series is a mezzanine system that allows you to maximize your building capacity. Our wine storage Vineyard Series offers a contemporary look and is one of the highest quality interior systems available for mini-storage hallways.

DBCI's self-storage doors are manufactured with hard, grade E steel, ensuring strength and durability. A siliconized polyester finish replaces older polyester paint finishes, which are recognizable by severe chalking and fading caused by UV rays. This innovative finish has a warranty of up to 20 years.

Bottom Bar
The bottom bar is used to open and close the self-storage doors. This functional bar should have a clean, attractive finish that enhances the doors' appearance. DBCI's bottom bars are constructed of 6063-T6 aluminum, which looks and wears well. Our vinyl weather seal is replaceable, which means that damage, wear and weather do not necessarily require placement of the entire self-storage door.

Tension Set Brackets
Tension set brackets control how easily the self-storage door opens when unlocked. Older self-storage doors lack tension adjusters and require a door technician to readjust the spring tension. Fortunately, DBCI's innovations in tension set brackets make adjusting roll-up doors easier, safer and faster. Facility maintenance personnel can adjust the self-storage doors themselves in as little as five minutes.

The latch keeps the self-storage door closed and the storage unit's content safe. DBCI's stainless steel latches and bolts provide additional strength, security and durability. The Apex latch maintains these characteristics while adding a more contemporary look to your door. Our latches are constructed with limited pry points, double padlock compatibility and the ability to operate with magnetic alarm systems.

Springs are the mechanical part of the roll-up door. The best roll-up doors are maintenance-simple: visible for inspection, accessible for upkeep and manufactured by DBCI.

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