Facility Maintenance Services

At DBCI, we understand that maintenance can be costly for facility owners. We also realize that proper upkeep and repairs are vital to your bottom line, your clientele’s peace of mind, and your competitive edge. That’s one reason our new roll-up door design is practically maintenance-free. This kind of ingenuity has helped make DBCI a leading global manufacturer and supplier of turnkey self-storage, commercial and industrial building solutions. Now we’re delivering complete facility maintenance services as well.

Introducing Facility Maintenance Services

Our Facility Maintenance Services provides facility owners and managers with the business benefits that come from trusting the maintenance of their physical assets to top experts in the self storage industry. Instead of pouring untold hours into keeping your facility in peak condition – and often being frustrated with the results—you can simply rely on Facility Maintenance Services.

Innovative Solution

Create more usable storage units for idle land without construction processes

Superior Construction

Produced with the same components as traditional units, so no rust or leakage issues

Government Friendly

Many local governments classify portable units as equipment, so you may bypass permitting



Same Look and Benefits of Traditional Storage

Quickly Generate More Income

  • Easy to expand and adaptable to odd lots or slopes

Easily Movable

  • Using a 5,000-pound forklift with extended forks

Virtually No Maintenance

  • 3rd Generation roll-up doors come standard with the preferred dead axel design

Secure and Convenient

Classified as Equipment

  • Relocatable storage can be depreciated over seven years
  • Standard building permits may not be required (check local ordinances)

Often Allowed Where Permanent Structures Are Prohibited


DBCI - relocatable storage



  • Configurable mix on a 10' x 20' or custom size platform
  • Sturdy construction featuring all galvanized steel framing
  • Continuous 22-guage galvanized N deck base with plywood flooring (option for diamond plate)
  • 125 psf floor load
  • Can be anchored to asphalt, wired for electricity
  • Uses standard 26-guage doors in more than 30 color options
  • Standard 30 pound snow load (optional up to 50 pounds)
  • Rain lip and elevated floor reduce moisture
  • Insulated roofs prevent condensation and regulate the heat/cold
  • Skid panel outside the doors offer a non-slip entry
  • Units are built close to the ground for easier access


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