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  • Wind-Certified Doors

    DBCI’s commercial metal roll-up doors are wind certified to perform against high winds and meet building codes.

  • Wind-Certified Commercial Doors

    Fueled by constant changes in local and national building codes, as well as increasing insurance costs, doors with validated wind certification can dramatically reduce maintenance and replacement costs and minimize downtime. DBCI's wind-certified doors are wind load tested in accordance with IBC, FBC and TDI.

    2500 Series
    3000 Series
    5000 Series
  • Corrugated Drum 312x165

    New Corrugated Drum Design

    Our redesigned metal roll-up door features a corrugated drum, providing a smoother cycle operation, improved sound control and full-color coverage of the axle and barrel.

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  • Wind Load Calculator

    Enter your door specifications to calculate whether it meets wind load requirements.