The DBCI Advantage

We are a leading manufacturer of commercial-grade steel doors, components, and accessories. For over 25 years, we have partnered with our customers to deliver durable, high-quality products backed by distinguished customer service and an enduring commitment to excellence.

The backbone of the DBCI product line is our roll-up door. We were among the first manufacturers to dedicate resources to the commercial roll-up product category, and today we remain an influential leader in the market. Utilizing an in-house wind-testing facility and cutting-edge equipment, we manufacture our doors to the highest possible standards.


Our curtains are manufactured with Grade E steel. We offer light-duty, heavy-duty, and wind-certified doors in 11 standard colors and 13 non-standard colors for any application.


Springs are the most critical mechanical component of a steel curtain roll-up door. DBCI uses only oil-tempered, torsion-type springs for its doors to help ensure longevity of use with minimal maintenance.

Exceptional Performance You Can Rely On

DBCI delivers confidence from initial order to final fulfillment. When you partner with us, we guarantee on-time and accurate delivery, fast and easy installation, and the lasting durability of our door products over years of continuous use. 

Our team of experts pride themselves on making all aspects of purchase, delivery, and installation simple and easy. We have decades of industry experience, and our customers rely on our expertise so that they can focus on success.