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    Explore the advantages of our commercial-grade steel curtain roll-up doors and self-storage doors, components and solutions in our videos.

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    DBCI Self-Storage Door Tensioning
    This is a short demonstration on how to adjust the tension on DBCI self-storage doors. Doors that are hard to open need more tension, while doors that are hard to close need less tension.
    DBCI Open Barrel
    The DBCI open barrel design offers some distinct advantages to the standard roll-up sheet door.
    Curl-Lok Door Panel Replacement
    When damaged, the typical roll-up sheet door has to be replaced in its entirety. Curl-Lok (patent pending) is the only one that can be repaired on-site without specialty tools. This video demonstrates the replacement process.
    Sheet Door Astragal Replacement
    The astragal is the rubber strip that runs long the bottom of a door. These are step-by-step instructions on replacing it on your DBCI sheet door.
    Sheet Door Wind Test
    DBCI's wind-rated 5000 series door is put through an independent test for certification. Estimated wind speeds exceeded 215 mph.
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