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Feb 15, 2021 | Back to News

Florida & TDI Testing Approval

We are pleased to release the below product offerings now have Florida and The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) testing approval.

The latest Florida Building Code 7th edition took effect December 31, 2020 and below are the specific FL approval numbers by door series:

FL NumberCategorySeriesMax. Width (ft.)Max. Height (ft.)
6964.1Exterior Doors2500/240012'-0"20'-0"
6964.2Exterior Doors300016'-0"20'-0"
6964.3Exterior Doors500020'-0"20'-0"
6964.4Exterior Doors6508'-8"12'-0"
6964.5Exterior Doors69010'-0"12'-0"
6964.6Exterior DoorsK2500/K240012'-0"20'-0"
6964.7Exterior DoorsK300016'-0"20'-0"
6964.8Exterior DoorsK500020'-0"20'-0"
6964.9Exterior DoorsK6508'-8"12'-0"
6965.1Exterior DoorsK69010'-0"12'-0"


Listed below are the roll-up doors with TDI windstorm approval:


TDI Approval NumberCategorySeriesMax. Width (ft.)Max. Height (ft.)
GDR-105Roll-Up Non-Impact Resistant2500/240012'-0"20'-0"
GDR-105Roll-Up Non-Impact Resistant300016'-0"20'-0"
GDR-105Roll-Up Non-Impact Resistant500020'-0"20'-0"
GDR-105Roll-Up Non-Impact Resistant6508'-8"12'-0"
GDR-105Roll-Up Non-Impact Resistant69010'-0"12'-0"
GDR-105Roll-Up Non-Impact ResistantK2500/K240012'-0"20'-0"
GDR-105Roll-Up Non-Impact ResistantK300016'-0"20'-0"
GDR-105Roll-Up Non-Impact ResistantK500020'-0"20'-0"
GDR-105Roll-Up Non-Impact ResistantK6508'-8"12'-0"
GDR-105Roll-Up Non-Impact ResistantK69010'-0"12'-0"


This information can also be found on the specific product pages under the new Testing tab on the website.

If you have any questions regarding the product approvals or current product offering, please contact your local sales representative.


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