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  • Freight and Warehousing

    DBCI crafts high-performing warehouse roll-up doors for the unique scale, conditions and operation speed of industrial and warehousing facilities. Our doors are reliable and durable door solutions that are offered at competitive prices without sacrificing schedule and delivery performance. 

  • Freight and Warehouse Roll-Up Doors

    At DBCI, we manufacturer durable industrial steel roll-up doors for freight and warehousing purposes. Our steel rolling doors are designed for high-use applications such as freight, maintenance doors, manufacturing plants, warehousing, loading docks, industrial garages and distribution centers. We offer five types of industrial steel roll-up doors to satisfy your warehouse garage door needs:
    • 1900 Series: Requires less headroom, operates quietly, low maintenance and specializes in light-duty use
    • 2000 Series: Great for light-duty applications that require frequent use and is low maintenance
    • 2500 Series: A heavy-duty sheet door designed for warehouse use
    • 3000 Series: Wind-certified heavy-duty warehouse door made to meet or exceed most wind rating codes
    • 5000 Series: Our wind certified roll-up doors can withstand moderate to high winds and can operate well under heavy-duty use with little to no maintenance

    All DBCI warehouse roll-up doors come in 25 color variations, 26-gauge galvanized Grade E Steel. Our doors also come with a 30-year film integrity and up to 25-year chalk and fade warranty. Each industrial roll-up door features heavy-duty brackets made of .187-thick angle, high-cycle spring life and a continuous-duty design. They're tested in accordance with IBC, FBC and TDI and are wind-certified to meet the buildings codes in coastal regions. 

  • Why DBCI?

    Your business can’t afford to slow or even stop because your facility’s roll-up doors aren’t performing. DBCI is dedicated to delivering high-quality solutions to greatly reduce the time and money spent on repair and replacement, so you can keep your business running.

    We have manufactured doors and door solutions for some of the largest freight and warehousing companies in the United States. This experience means we understand the urgency with which you work and—when paired with our high-quality products and customer service—you can be assured that DBCI will deliver professional, reliable results. We are committed to helping our customers get the most from our warehouse roll-up doors and remaining true to our commitment of partnership and innovation.