Door Replacement Services

As a business owner, you want to retain current customers and attract new tenants by remaining relevant in an increasingly competitive self-storage landscape. Appearances are important to your business, and door replacement is part of the DBCI offerings that also keep you compliant with ADA and other regulations.


Immediate Benefits

Experience a better return on your investment when you revive the professional luster of your facility

Technology Additions

Nokē™ electronic lock provides extra security and access control to both occupied and vacant units

Avoid Potential Liabilities

Reduce exposure to legal claims with safer, better operating doors



Add Value to Your Site

  • The investment needed for a full, turnkey door replacement project is approximately $550 per unit
  • On average, a renovated unit could generate a $5 per month rent increase, multiplied by 100 units, would equal $6,000 per year in a new revenue
  • Assume a cap rate of 6.5% ($6,000/6.5% = $92,307)

Return on Investment Could Be Met in as Little as 3-6 Months

Factor in Additional Savings

  • Up to 20% just by using IOA Insurance Services for commercial/self-storage insurance
  • Annual depreciation for a net income offset
  • Reduced claims and maintenance fees
  • Qualify for partial insurance discounts and potential cost segregation tax benefits


Consider the Cost of Unearned Income

  • One 10' x 10' unit at $50 per month = $600 in annual lost income
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