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Optimize Space

There’s a high likelihood that your self-storage facility has unused space where more units could be added. Unused space means you’re missing out on added revenue every month!

Think about your facility layout as it is. Do you have room to build up and add a mezzanine floor? Adding a second floor can literally double your ROI per month. Or what about small nooks and crannies under staircases? Those smaller spaces can be fully utilized by adding locker units or wine storage.

Parking lots typically hold some of the most valuable unused space for owners/operators. By bringing Relocatable Storage into your empty parking lot space, you can open your business up to new tenants who prefer drive-up storage access. Relocatable Storage units also offer you the ability to bypass obtaining tricky building permits, since they’re technically counted as equipment. You can capitalize on a variety of benefits from Relocatable Storage, including a one year depreciation time frame and 100% deductibility on your taxes after the first year of ownership.

  • Double your ROI per month
  • Replace 20 to 25 of your old doors in less than 24 hours
  • One year depreciation time frame and 100% deductibility 


Maximize Revenue

The bottom line is this: more units can equate to more income for your business. Remixing your unit layout means you can rearrange walls to create larger units, such as 10x30s, and then increase your rental rates to reflect the change.

Giving your facility an overall facelift is an excellent opportunity to work in price increases for all of your units as well.

Replacing your old and dilapidated roll-up doors doesn't have to be difficult

In fact, it’s probably much easier than you imagine! The DBCI team are seasoned professionals in the door replacement arena, and can swap out 20 to 25 of your old doors in the time it takes to play 18 holes of golf. They can also reskin a full hallway system in as little as 24 hours.

A Renovation investment in your facility will pass along benefits not only to your bottom line, but also to your tenants themselves. New DBCI roll-up doors are easy to open, fresh hallway systems add an elevated aesthetic to your facility, and tenants will feel safer with upgraded security measures such as the Wireless Nokē™ Smart Entry System. With all of this in mind, can you really afford not to engage an industry-leading Renovation program?





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