How to Select the Best Roll-Up Door for Your Facility

Selecting Roll-Up Doors

Steel roll-up doors come in a variety of styles, from light-duty to heavy-duty, to accommodate a broad range of industries and applications. When purchasing a roll-up door for your facility, there are a variety of factors to consider. Learn more about how to select the best roll-up door for your new construction or renovation project.

Intended Application

Steel roll-up doors come in light-duty and heavy-duty styles, so it’s important to consider the intended application before selecting a roll-up door. This will help you understand the wear and tear that your door will be subjected to as well as the frequency of operation.

Light duty roll-up doors are ideal for applications requiring less frequent operation such as self-storage, recreational and agricultural usage.

Heavy-duty doors, on the other hand, feature deeper engagement guides and continuous duty design that ensures durability and long-lasting performance for applications requiring frequent operation. They’re ideal for commercial and industrial facilities such as warehouses, loading docks, terminals and distribution centers. Add a motor operator to improve ease-of-use and increase overall efficiency.

If your roll-up door is being installed on a facility that is climate-controlled, then you should consider purchasing an insulated roll-up door. They’re designed to prevent the transfer of thermal energy into your facility, helping to maintain a consistent temperature no matter what the weather is like outside. This can help you save money on heating and cooling costs.


If your facility is located in a coastal area, you will probably need wind-rated roll-up doors. They’re designed with windlocks that keep the steel curtain in place to prevent misalignment and keep the rest of the building envelope intact.

Make sure to verify that the door you select meets the specific code requirements for your location. Contact local and state code officials for more information.


Measure the opening to get an understanding of the dimensions that you will need prior to choosing a roll-up door. Knowing the size beforehand will help guide your selection and ensure that you don’t select a model that isn’t available in the dimensions you need.


Once you have selected a roll-up door, choose from a broad selection of roll-up door options such as latches, vision panels, weather seals and more. We offer a variety of colors designed to complement your facility.

Contact our experienced sales representatives to find the best roll-up door for your facility.