Why Choose Insulated Roll-Up Doors?

Insulated roll-up doors are a smart investment for your recreational, commercial or industrial facility. Learn more about the features and benefits of insulated roll-up doors and what makes them a great fit for your building.

Insulated Roll-Up Door Design

Insulated roll-up doors feature a steel curtain with flexible insulation material, such as mylar, that allows the door to open and close with ease. The insulation material is adhered to the interior skin of the door curtain to provide continuous insulation. To evaluate insulating properties of your roll-up door, check the R-value. The R-value describes the thermal resistance of your insulation material. The higher the R-value, the greater the effectiveness of the insulation.

For additional insulation, add a draft stop which acts as a perimeter seal on the track of the roll-up door guides. This barrier is designed to prevent the infiltration of air and moisture through the opening between the door and the guides, helping to maintain climate-controlled conditions within your facility.

Insulated Roll-Up Door Benefits

Insulated roll-up doors offer a variety of benefits compared to their non-insulated counterparts.

Improved Climate Control

Insulated roll-up doors are designed to improve climate control within your facility. As the exterior temperature fluctuates, the surface temperature of your roll-up door does as well since metal is a great conductor. Selecting an insulated roll-up door helps prevent the transfer of thermal energy to the interior of your facility, helping to control the interior temperature. This makes insulated roll-up doors ideal for both hot and cold climates.

Energy Cost Savings

Insulated roll-up doors are designed to create a climate-controlled environment within your facility, no matter what the weather is outside. This helps to reduce heating and cooling costs, helping to save you money over time.

Reduced Environmental Impacts

Since the insulated roll-up doors help maintain consistent interior temperatures, you won’t have to turn on your HVAC system as often to maintain desirable conditions. This reduction in energy usage helps to reduce the overall environmental impact of your facility.

Quieter Operation

The insulation on the interior skin of the insulated roll-up door helps to reduce the steel on steel contact as your door rolls up and down. This helps to quiet the operational noise. The insulation also reduces noise transfer to the interior of your facility.

Extra-Strength Design

Adding insulation to your roll-up door also adds strength, helping to protect against forced entry and high winds.

DBCI Insulated Roll-Up Doors

DBCI offers a broad selection of insulated roll-up doors that are designed to fit your unique application. Our insulated roll-up doors offer a 26-gauge steel curtain and an R-value of 4. They also come standard with draft stops as an additional barrier to air and moisture infiltration.

Our selection includes:

Light-Duty Insulated Roll-Up Doors

651 Series: Comparable to the 650 Series, these insulated mini roll-up doors are ideal for self-storage and other light-duty applications.

691 Series: Comparable to the 690 Series, these insulated mini roll-up doors offer reliable performance for areas that are susceptible to high-wind events such as hurricanes and tornadoes.

1950 Series: Comparable to the 1950 Series, these insulated roll-up doors feature 9 ½” drums, allowing the door to operate quietly, requiring less headroom during installation.

2250 Series: Comparable to the 2000 Series, these insulated roll-up doors are ideal for warehouses, car washes, machine shops, auto body shops and more.

Heavy-Duty Insulated Roll-Up Doors

1950HD Series: Comparable to the 1950HD Series, these insulated roll-up doors are ideal for warehouses and freight buildings.

2750 Series: Comparable to the 2500 Series, these insulated roll-up doors offer deep engagement guides for a long-lasting performance you can count on.

3250 Series: Comparable to the 3000 Series, these insulated roll-up doors deliver commercial-grade materials that are engineered to withstand moderate to high wind loads.

5250 Series: Comparable to the 5000 Series, these insulated roll-up doors are engineered for low-maintenance, long-lasting performance in coastal areas with strong winds.

To learn more about our insulated roll-up door offerings, contact our experienced sales representatives.